Sunday, June 3, 2012

Curley Taylor, R. Kelly and the state of Zydeco 2012

In this recent City Paper blogpost I highlight Curley Taylor, a Louisiana Creole zydeco accordionist who likes and sometimes sings like r'n'b vocalist R. Kelly, and tries to keep both new-school and old-school zydeco fans happy.  I also touch on the state of zydeco in the D.C./Baltimore area.  There are some problems in attracting crowds.  New York City's zydeco scene seems to be having even more problems.  Promoter Zydeco Laura's recent email that was posted on a NY area roots and blues calendar, details her money woes and more.  The number of zydeco dancers in non-Creole communities is not growing.  Trying to get more people to do couples style dancing as is done to zydeco is very difficult.  In my opinion, these zydeco promoters may have to do less zydeco only events and instead try to get zydeco acts booked on bills with roots acts from other genres(especially Louisiana ones), jambands (I don't like them but their fans may be open to zydeco), and open-minded indie-rock and Southern soul artists.

Here's my piece:

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